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About Us

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MISSION is the new digital magazine dedicated to flamenco, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A publication of the XXI century committed to the international dissemination of art in constant evolution, which was born in Spain to grow in the world.

A world dotted with polka dots painted by hand on a tablet is the symbol of this website with a vocation as a meeting point for artists, amateurs, neophytes, and professionals moved by dance, singing, and guitar.

The news, usefulness, and knowledge are combined in the contents of the publication, indexed in a thematic architecture that simplifies usability, navigation, search and interaction in the web 2.0 environment.

Images, videos, and professional journalistic texts of high quality and of own production are combined in a visually and permanently updated magazine, whose day to day is motivated by the exchange with a community of users without borders, of which you are invited to form part.